Feeling hot & bothered but not in a good way?

 The Women's Awakening
Virtual Event

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Join the us live from the comfort of your home 
October 16th-18th 2020

Fed up with not feeling like YOU?
Sick of not knowing when your period is (or isn’t) coming?
Frustrated with the mood swings?
Family scared to say anything in case you fly into a rage?
Help is at hand!
Join us for this 3 day event where you will be in connection with other perimenopause women.
You are NOT alone on this journey. 

Spend these 3 days interacting with experts from all over the world.
Here is just some of the topics that we will be covering;

How yoga can help you manage your symptoms 
Why past issues are raising their ugly head
Natural effective solutions to symptom relief
How to get and keep your sex life on track
What HRT is right for you
Everything you need to know about hysterectomy
Why tracking your cycle is key to everything
Q&A sessions with the experts
And so much more

Your Co-Hosts

Justine Chomski MacDonald
Level Up Events Co.
Dandelion Holistic Healing

 With over 20 + combined years in the events & wellness space she has a passion for supporting & celebrating other women.
In 2019 she launched the first in person Level Up Your Life event and now in 2020 has pivoted to the online event space.
Join Justine & Emily as they bring you a day of immersion and connection.  

Emily Barclay
Founder-Peri-Menopause Hub

Emily Barclay is the founder of Perimenopause Hub. She set about bringing together experts from around the world to help women going through this life stage after finding very little support herself. She is passionate about empowering women and enabling them to gain the answers they need as they head towards menopause.     

Meet The Speakers

Nicole Buratti
Sex & Relationship Expert

 Nicole Buratti has been a Certified Women's Sex Coach and Functional Nutritionist for well over a decade and holds more than 30 certifications. She connects the dots between mind, body, and sex. She is a gifted speaker, author, and podcaster

Tracy Seider
Movement Coach

Tracy Seider is a movement coach on a mission to help perimenopausal women lose the body aches, belly, and even sneeze-pee – without spending hours at the gym or doing endless kegels.
 She is passionate about this work because five years ago she was that 40-something mom being told that there was nothing she could do about her leaky bladder, quitting her workouts because they made her back and hip pain worse, worrying about her editing job because she couldn't hold a thought, and losing it with her kids and husband. But things CAN change - you do not need to suck it up. And it’s simpler than you think

Julie Garrido
Yoga Teacher

If you are struggling with anxiety, fatigue, joint pain, aching muscles, or loss of confidence, then yoga could be for you. I am a certified yoga teacher of Yoga for Menopause; and have helped hundreds of women manage their perimenopause symptoms with yoga. Having been through menopause myself, I know how real the struggle can be. 

Jade Blinkhorn
Women's Health Expert

 I’m a women’s health expert. I’ve been studying women’s health for over 10 years and have coached hundreds of women. In the summit I’m going to be talking about weight gain during peri – how to avoid it, why it happens and what you can do about it without having to go for a single run 

Andrea Marsh
Natural Menopause Solutions

Andrea helps women alleviate their symptoms naturally with her unique understanding of how your body, hormones and emotions work through the eyes of Traditional Oriental Medicine. This is a theory that has proven it can powerfully and practically help you alleviate the worst of your symptoms by implementing simple solutions with everyday supplements, guidance and support.

Lesley Waldron
Health & Fitness Coach

Lesley specializes in supporting time-poor women in their 40s to find their feel good factor. She has a background as a personal trainer and running coach and is on a mission to empower women to feel more in tune with their hormones, in control of their health and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Sara Southgate
Naturopath & NLP Coach

Sara is the Health SAS (Stress & Anxiety Specialist)– parachuting in to help those with stress, anxiety and long-term health conditions learn to take control of their health, weight and self-esteem. To feel themselves again, without dieting and restriction.

Debi Haden
Life & Mindset Coach

I’ve been a life and mindset coach for the last 16 years. Over the years I’ve supported hundreds of people to overcome limiting beliefs, create a positive mindset, develop their confidence,  self-esteem and achieve things they never thought possible. As we travel through the Peri menopause and into the menopause we have to come to terms with our bodies changing, many physical symptoms appear at this stage, our moods become inconsistent and we can struggle with tiredness, brain fog, low mood and enter a period of self-doubt and a lack of confidence.

Sally Baker
Senior Therapist     

Sally is a highly experienced, licensed and certified senior therapist, speaker and media commentator. During thousands of client hours over more than 20 years in practice, Sally has developed the most effective ways of working to resolve and release whatever is stopping her clients from fulfilling their full potential. Sally’s clients present with a wide range of issues from anxiety, addictive and compulsive behaviours through to eating disorders. She often finds core to all these and more symptoms is unresolved trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)



Emma Jayne
Peer Coach     

Psychologist; Therapeutic Peer Coach, Complementary Medicine Practitioner, and Teacher. Emma works with her clients by using a unique mix of the latest psychological research insights, peer coaching tools and techniques, health and nutrition coaching, and wisdom from some of the ancient traditions and complementary medicine. Her own life experience demonstrates that it is possible to ‘come back’ from any situation or health condition, with willingness to work at it, and she brings this inspiration to everything that she does.
Emma has specialist interests in Trauma, Life Stress, Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue, and Perimenopause. She can help people recover from these as well as many other physical, emotional, and mental health challenges

Schedule -EST 

9am- Welcome 
9:15am- Meditation
9:30am- Breakout Session
9:45am- Speaker 1
10:15am- Break
10:30am- Speaker 2
11:00am Speaker 3
11:30am- Q & A
11:45am-12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm-1pm  Speaker 4
1:00-1:20pm Movement Break
1:25pm- 2pm Day Recap
* event schedule is subject to change

Early Bird till midnight Oct 9th 2020  59.00 GBP

Regular Price 99.00 GBP

VIP 149.00 GBP

Schedule - BST (or GMT+1)

2pm- Welcome 
2:15pm- Meditation
2:30pm- Breakout Session
2:45pm- Speaker 1
3:15pm- Break
3:30pm- Speaker 2
4:00pm Speaker 3
4:30pm- Q & A
4:45pm-5:30pm Lunch
5:30pm-6pm  Speaker 4
6:00-6:20pm Movement Break
6:25pm- 7pm Day Recap
* event schedule is subject to change

Early Bird till midnight Oct 6th 59.00 GBP

Regular Price 99.00 GBP

VIP 149.00 GBP

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FREE 30-minute Zoom Posture & Breathing Makeover
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A Note From Justine & Emily 

We are both so looking forward to meeting you during our virtual event. We put these 3 days together to create connection as well as remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE during these trying times. 
Come join us for some amazing topics, community and laughter. xo
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